Used Car Warranty- Know This Before Weighing A Warranty

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used car warranty

If you’re looking to buy a used automobile, you’ll want to know what, if anything, is covered by a warranty in the event that you need repairs in the future.

Manufacturer warranties are usually included with new autos but if you’re buying a used car it’s critical to find out if the vehicle comes with a used car warranty and what it covers.

You’ll want to look over any warranty carefully to determine if it’s worth the extra money, especially if it’s one you’ll have to buy separately.

When we say used car warranty, we’re referring to any type of warranty you might get on a used automobile, whether it’s from the manufacturer or from the dealer.

Any protection plan or warranty that covers repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired qualifies as a used automobile warranty.

Extended warranties are available directly from the manufacturer, as well as from individual dealers and third-party sources. The automaker pays for covered repairs under a manufacturer’s extended warranty.

Another firm covers repair costs via a dealer or third-party plan. Both of these plans can, however, cover equivalent auto repairs. When your vehicle has a mechanical failure, you take it to a licensed repair shop for evaluation.

The administrator will pay the repair shop, minus your deductible if your repair is covered by your warranty. So, what are the different types of used car warranties, what do they cover, and what are your rights?

In this post, we’ll go through the various sorts of warranties and what kind of protection you may expect – even if the automobile is sold with no warranty at all.

Where Can You Get A Used Car Warranty?

A dealership or a third-party source are the two major places to look for used car warranties.

Used Car Dealership

When buying a used car, many people opt for extended warranties from the dealership. Although most dealers work with reputable used car warranty administrators, this is not always the case.

Apart from that, the dealer may only collaborate with one or two warranty providers, leaving you with limited options when it comes to coverage.

Third-Party Insurance Company

When compared to shopping at a dealer, getting a used extended auto warranty through a third-party source allows you more flexibility. You can take your time to compare plans from other providers.

You also don’t have to make up your mind while waiting to get into your new car at the showroom.

What is covered under a used car warranty?

If your vehicle comes with a used car warranty, it may be limited in scope. The warranty should include information on the vehicle service contract as well as who is legally accountable for repairs.

Before you buy your vehicle, read the tiny print to acquire all the details and make sure all of your queries are answered.

The guarantee on your car – whether it’s a manufacturer’s used car warranty – usually covers the car and its accessories in terms of safety, reliability, and roadworthiness, but not cosmetic damage or regular wear and tear.

All extended car warranties are not the same. Make sure you’re aware of what’s covered, as well as any prices and terms. The coverage depends upon the type or level of insurance you are paying for.

Bumper-to-bumper Used Car Warranty

This warranty gives you the best protection for your vehicle. Because there is just a small list of car components that aren’t covered, it’s also known as an exclusionary warranty.

This guarantee is available for both manufacturer warranties and extended warranties. A bumper-to-bumper warranty typically lasts three years or 60,000 km. However, depending on your situation, your warranty may extend longer.

Powertrain Warranty

It typically covers 80,000 to 200,000 km or 3 to 10 years. Repairing elements of your powertrain is not inexpensive. You can choose the best used car warranty based on your requirements.

The expense of replacing the engine alone can be several thousand dollars and even though it’s a lower level of coverage than a bumper-to-bumper guarantee, a powertrain extended warranty can help in this situation.

When to Consider a Used Car Warranty?

For drivers who prefer to make small monthly payments over time rather than paying on repairs as they are needed, extended warranties for used automobiles may be worth the money.

When considering a used car warranty, you’ll want to be aware of the exclusions and situations in which you could require one. For instance, if the manufacturer of the secondhand car is known for being unreliable.

You can evaluate the vehicle’s performance by looking for automotive reliability ratings and reviews. You can also get advice from experienced mechanics and other drivers who have driven the same vehicle.

Is the warranty comprehensive, or does it only cover items that are clearly excluded? This typically results in a more comprehensive warranty and a lower likelihood of a claim being denied.

Note that normal wear and tear items will not be included. Also, the expense of a warranty should not be exorbitant. You don’t want to overspend on insurance to cover problems that may or may not arise.

If it’s reasonably priced, think about what it will cover and compare it to the expenses of any potential repairs.

Final verdict

Check to verify if a warranty is available, what type of warranty or service contract it is, and what it may cover before you buy a used automobile.

If there isn’t one, you’ll want to look over the details to determine if an extended warranty is the best option for your budget — or if you’ll be able to handle paying for any repairs without one at all.

When buying a used car, it’s up to you to make sure you question everything the salesman says and don’t just take his word for it. You are legally bound after you sign a contract, regardless of what you were informed verbally.

So, when you buy a used car warranty, be sure you know exactly what you’re getting so you can trust it to cover you when you need it.

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