Genuine Vs OEM Vs Aftermarket Spare Parts: Top Differences

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Genuine vs OEM vs Aftermarket Spare Parts

Willing to learn more about Genuine Vs OEM Vs Aftermarket Spare Parts? Owning a car definitely offers plenty of benefits. Even if it’s raining or snowing outside, you can commute without getting wet or snowy.

Albeit a cold blizzard or scorching sunlight, you can travel towards your destination at a comfortable temperature. Furthermore, an automobile not just helps you transport your loaded stuff safely and comfortably but also allows you to avoid the bustling crowd and travel faster.

You will get to hear about Genuine vs OEM vs aftermarket spare parts. But having your vehicle is not always sunshine and roses. You not just have to fuel it regularly to make it move but also need to repair and replace its part to keep it in working condition.

And when it comes to changing the parts, it can get tricky. And if you failed to make a choice, you will not waste your money but also ruin your automobile condition.

So to simplify this jargon, we have tried to demystify these terminologies and also tell the differences between Genuine vs OEM vs Aftermarket spare parts.

Genuine Auto Parts

Let’s get started: the differences between Genuine vs OEM vs Aftermarket spare parts.

Genuine parts are the parts used by automakers in the factory while assembling an automobile. These kinds of parts carry automobile companies’ branding even if they are originally manufactured by other companies.

Since the automobile company goes through a rigorous process of designing, engineering, and testing, these kinds of parts are often expensive to purchase. As these parts come with the automobile company’s branding, they will have a reputation to keep in the market. So if you choose a genuine part, you will only get a high-quality product.

These parts will fit into your automobile perfectly. And because of the involvement of automakers in the production process, durability, and reliability are also assured. Automakers also offer a guarantee on these products. So choosing genuine auto parts is a fool-proof idea.

However, for some older or rarer models, genuine parts are not available anymore. Let’s talk more about Genuine Vs OEM Vs Aftermarket Spare Parts.

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OEM Spare Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 

Want to know What is OEM Parts? OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, as the name itself suggests, are the parts built by the company, which originally made those parts for the automaker.

Since it’s built under the same design and engineering, you won’t find What is the Differences Between OEM vs Genuine vs Aftermarket Spare Parts. Except for one. Unlike the genuine parts, you won’t find auto manufacturers’ branding on these products.

Also, these parts may not come in fancy packages like genuine parts. But that doesn’t mean that there will be a compromise in its quality. You will get a similar quality on these products but they usually tend to be cheaper than genuine parts.

So you will save some bucks if you choose the OEM Spare Parts. We have discussed a lot about Genuine Vs OEM Vs Aftermarket Spare Parts, and now know more about aftermarket spare parts.

Aftermarket Auto Spare Parts

Do you know What are Aftermarket Car Parts? If you buy genuine vs OEM vs Aftermarket spare parts, you will get a perfect fit during replacement, and quality is guaranteed. But it’s not the same with aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket spare parts are manufactured by companies, which are in no way involved with the auto manufacturer. And because of this, the automaker is in no way obliged to share the design and engineering with these companies.

So sometimes, you may not get a perfect fit as you do with genuine or OEM Spare Parts. Also, testing and quality control of the products won’t be the same in these companies. So the level of quality can vary greatly here.

Not all aftermarket manufacturers are flimsy and of inferior quality. With many years of experience, some of the aftermarket manufacturers have succeeded in building reputations by producing superior products.

Sometimes, this kind of manufacturer reverse engineers genuine vs OEM vs aftermarket spare parts, finds the engineering involved, and produces superior materials with new and improved technology. So you cannot always rule out aftermarket parts while buying auto spare parts.

These parts are always cheaper than genuine parts. Sometimes, the cost tends to be even lower than the OEM Spare Parts. So going with the aftermarket parts will save you some bucks. If your car is really old, aftermarket spare parts can be your savior.

In order to save bucks, you can use them on broken and damaged cars as well. But since the cheap knockoffs are also equally available in the market, you need to be careful while purchasing. And you need to be extra cautious if there is a short-term or no warranty

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